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An Interactive 5 - Day Training Course

Energy Risk Management

Managing Risk Exposure in the Energy Sector

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Risk and the management of risk are at the centre of all organisations; however, many organisations still take the view that risk is something that is best left to chance despite the growing need to manage business risks as part of the regulatory and prudential management obligations placed on today’s modern enterprise. It can be a source of potential loss or a contributor to poor performance. When understood and managed effectively, risk can create value and success, and risk management is all about driving success and business excellence. Whether an organisation has been in business for decades, in start-up mode, or driven by innovation, the risk is key in daily operations, regulatory compliance, strategy, and projects and transformation initiatives. Capturing value and leveraging value to build a sustainable performance-led organisation starts with risk management and embedded risk-aware culture.

This interactive, highly practical course is designed to equip attendees with a sound foundation in awareness of risk and managing risk. It provides attendees with the confidence needed to discuss risk at all levels in their organisation. The training course covers the risk management framework, including processes, communication, and culture, embedding risk management and the governance of risk, and the systems associated with energy risk management which can aid and support more vital risk management for energy businesses. The emergence of ESG practices is significant for energy businesses. This course will help attendees understand how risk and ESG interact and how ESG Risks are identified and managed.


By the end of this training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Develop energy risk management methods and frameworks
  • Identify, analyse and measure risk
  • Establish suitable risk management structures
  • Apply globally accepted risk management practices
  • Confidently discuss risk and risk management in the context of an energy business
  • The use and applicability of energy trading and risk management systems
  • Risk’s role in value creation and sustainable business


This training course is fast-paced, highly interactive and participatory, and it will be delivered through a combination of presentations, group discussion, role-play and group exercises. This training course is rich in case studies and examples. Multimedia presentations will feature video case studies and the opportunity to hear experts from a variety of disciplines.

Organisational Benefits

The organisational impact will be as the following:

  • The capacity and confidence for developing long-term energy risk management strategies
  • A basis for establishing a common understanding of risk management, including risk terminology and frameworks
  • Bringing insight and understanding of the relationship between financial and non-financial risks for energy companies
  • How to develop forward-looking indicators to manage risk proactively
  • An understanding of the various risk mitigation strategies, tools, techniques, and approaches to ensure risk-taking is within acceptable limits
  • Awareness of risk management’s role in driving forward operations, performance, and strategies
  • How to approach establishing and monitoring risk appetite and risk tolerance
  • Insight to the use of risk / ERM / ETRM technologies as part of the overall risk management architecture

Personal Benefits

Upon completion of this Energy Training Centre course, the delegates will gain:

  • A clear understanding of energy risk management
  • A sound basis and knowledge of risk management in its role in decision making
  • An appreciation of the various types of risk in the energy business
  • An understanding of risk’s role in the energy sector
  • The skills needed to participate in meaningful risk management and strategy discussions confidently

Who Should Join?

This training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit: 

  • Managers
  • Financial Managers
  • Energy Strategic Planning & Investment Teams
  • Energy Transition Teams
  • Operation Managers
  • Purchasing Managers
  • Risk Management Managers
  • Risk Champions
  • Energy Analysts
  • Project Teams
  • Energy Plant Operations Management
  • Marketing Managers
  • Health, Safety, & Environment Staff
  • Energy industry employees with interest in risk

Course Outline


  • Introduction to Risk & Risk Management
  • Risk Management Standards
  • Key Definitions
  • Critical Success Factors for Risk Management
  • Organisational Risk Attitudes (Risk Culture)
  • Organisational Structures
  • Risk Roles and Responsibilities
  • Risk and Strategy
  • Culture


  • Financial Risks
    • Market risk
    • Credit & counter-party risk
    • Liquidity risk
    • Limit management
  • Operational Risks
  • Systemic Risks
  • Emerging Risks
  • Strategic Risks


  • Understanding Materiality
  • KRIs
  • Developing Risk Reports
  • Risk Mitigation & Controls
  • Aligning Opportunities, Strategy, and Risk
  • Integrating Risks Across the Energy Business
  • Risk Management Accountability & Ownership


  • Comparison of Risk Practices across Sectors
  • Risk Management’s Role in Strategic Management and Value Creation
  • Leveraging existing Operational Risk Management as part of ERM
  • Risk Accountability Structures
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Aligning Risk, Compliance, & Regulation


  • Energy Trading: What, Where, and How?
  • Overview of Energy Trading and Risk Management
  • Energy Trading and Risk Management Systems
  • Integration of technology as part of the risk architecture
  • ERM Systems
  • Dealing with Energy Trading
  • ESG: The new frontier for risk
  • The Future - Risk and Value Creation

The Certificates


The Energy Training Centre Certificate of Completion will be given to the participants who
attended and completed the training course.

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