Classroom Dates
16 - 20 Oct 2023 Dubai $5,950
06 - 10 Nov 2023 Milan $5,950
20 - 24 Nov 2023 Dubai $5,950
04 - 08 Dec 2023 New York $6,950
25 - 29 Dec 2023 London $5,950
20 - 24 May 2024 Barcelona $5,950
22 - 26 Jul 2024 London $5,950
30 Sep - 04 Oct 2024 London $5,950
04 - 08 Nov 2024 Milan $5,950
02 - 06 Dec 2024 New York $6,950
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22 - 26 Jan 2024 Online $3,950
22 - 26 Jul 2024 Online $3,950
04 - 08 Nov 2024 Online $3,950

Leadership begins with understanding who we are as people before we can gain acceptance as a leader of others. Knowledge of self through feedback, reflection and behaviour modelling is as important as knowledge of those that we lead or the organisation that we represent. As we master our own thinking and emotions, we can enhance our ability to lead others, acting as a role model and someone that others seek to follow. It is vital for a leader to control their emotions in a crisis, to be the rock that others seek.

Through this Certificate in Leadership training course, you will learn about yourself – How you think, how you perceive the world and how others perceive you, how you engage with others to build your power network – And how to remain focused in times of crisis. You will learn how to influence and lead others more skilfully.  This is a focused self-development training course about actively developing yourself as a true leader.

By the end of this Energy Training Centre training course you will have learned to:

  • Enhance your personal leadership skills
  • More effectively manage your thoughts, beliefs, focus and actions
  • Understand the impact of your values on your actions
  • Build confidence, enthusiasm, persistence, resilience, and courage
  • Create vision and goals that drive enthusiasm and commitment
  • Communicate with greater clarity and persuasion
  • More effectively control how you appear to others and as a consequence effectively influence desired behaviours in them

Participants in this Certificate in Leadership training course will receive thorough training on the subjects covered by the outline with the instructor using a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Training course methodology includes active presentations, reflective case-studies, self-assessment diagnostics, targeted video presentations and participative discussions.

Your organisation will benefit from leaders who return with knowledge of how to control their own emotions and behaviour and harness a positivity towards events and opportunities that will inspire others to engage more fully and improve their performance.

In summary, your organisation will benefit from:

  • More effective employees who are in control of their behaviour and work contribution
  • A strengthened employee focus on goal achievement
  • Improved organizational communications
  • Enhanced employee leadership skills
  • Increased levels of motivation
  • Higher levels of productivity

This Certificate in Leadership training course will give participants the confidence, energy and skills to challenge themselves towards higher performance specifically they will develop:

  • Sharper focus on valuable goals
  • Greater self-understanding
  • Increased personal resilience and courage
  • Increased ability to achieve success
  • Improved communication skills
  • Enhanced leadership skills
  • Greater levels of personal productivity

This Certificate in Leadership training course is valuable for all people who need to manage people and performance, experienced, new or prospective.

It is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Senior manager
  • Managers
  • Team leaders/supervisors
  • Newly identified leaders / talent

Day One: You, the Leader: Reality and Responsibility

  • Making the leadership transition
  • Understanding your role and leadership purpose
  • Unlocking the prime factors of leadership
  • The importance of accountability, ownership and responsibility
  • Learn from the best: reflective leadership analysis
  • Define and create your leadership brand

Day Two: Inspire, Influence and Develop Self Mastery

  • How to inspire others as a leader
  • Building trust and integrity
  • Applying the model of influence
  • Developing a positive mindset
  • Increase your emotional intelligence and leadership
  • Build confidence in yourself and others

Day Three: Provide Powerful Vision and Direction for Success

  • Leadership and vision – Myth or reality
  • Culture, change and strategy: The power triangle
  • Building the future success: Strategy models and techniques
  • Empowerment over limitation: Freeing potential
  • Creating the powerful vision
  • Communicating for individual and organisational commitment

Day Four: Building Influencing Networks and Relationships

  • The importance of building your power and influence network
  • Engage others with ease: Powerful interpersonal skills
  • Work the room: Techniques to network socially
  • Become a key influencer in work and social
  • Develop your team through active coaching and mentoring
  • Gain commitment from others

Day Five: Developing Resilience and Tenacity

  • Resilience: The leadership differentiator
  • How to become assertiveness without stress?
  • Controlling your emotions in times of crisis
  • Understanding the psychology of self-motivation
  • Developing tenacity: Deliver on your promise
  • The leadership role model: Exercise and profile


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