Applying Energy Efficiency

An Interactive 5 - Day Training Course

Applying Energy Efficiency

The Application of Energy Efficiency in Buildings and in the Industry

Classroom Dates
22 - 26 Jul 2024
09 - 13 Sep 2024
25 - 29 Nov 2024
31 Mar - 04 Apr 2025
Online Dates
31 Mar - 04 Apr 2025

Energy efficiency, in terms of how energy is used, operated, and controlled, has the largest potential impact globally in the combating of climate change to meet the global net-zero targets by 2050. In order to identify, quantify, and package presentable energy efficiency projects, the international energy audit methodology approach has proven to be most effective. Participants to the Applying Energy Efficiency training course walks away from the programme with practical, implementable concepts and approaches for optimal energy efficiency impact. 

The Applying Energy Efficiency training course lays the foundations to the understanding energy efficiency in buildings and in industry, concerning electrical, mechanical, and thermal energy systems. The systems approach, in which a holistic approach rather than an equipment component approach, is taken for maximum benefit and prioritization of opportunities. Implementable energy efficiency projects are some of the most attractive and underrated investments, since the overwhelming number of energy projects have large percentage savings and very low (if any) capital or operational expenditure. In addition to monetary savings, energy efficiency projects also often times realizes productivity, health, maintenance, and operational improvements.

This Energy Training Centre training course will highlight:               

  • The current global climate change situation and the need for energy efficiency to meet the Net-zero 2050 targets
  • Energy efficiency in buildings and in industry
  • Applying energy efficiency in great detail regarding the energy systems of electrical motors, lighting, fans, pumps, compressed air, heating, cooling, ventilation, insulation, fired, steam, heat exchangers, etc.
  • The methodology in applying and implementing energy efficiency projects

At the end of this Applying Energy Efficiency training course, you will learn to:

  • Address the current global climate situation through implementable energy efficiency projects
  • Understand the fundamentals electrical energy, mechanical energy, and thermal energy
  • Apply the energy systems approach to identify low-cost/no-cost, and more detailed energy efficiency measures
  • Evaluate identified energy efficiency measures, and prioritize projects based on life cycle business case analysis
  • Create tangible impact and benefit to clients/employers, in combating the largest threat facing humanity today

This Applying Energy Efficiency training course will use various proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. The training course will follow a participative workshop format. It will be focused on developing practical skills that delegates can apply in real-life business situations on return to their organization.

Organisations will benefit from employers attending this training course with regards to:

  • Reduction in organizational bottom line
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Increased lifetime of equipment and reduction in maintenance costs and breakdowns
  • Increase production and productivity
  • Improved organisational marketability and meeting of ESG targets

Attending participants will benefit from attending the Applying Energy Efficiency training course in the following aspects:

  • Increase professional technical skills
  • Enhanced employability and promotion probability
  • Upskilling task implementation to meet organizational ESG targets or to exceed clients’ expectations
  • Positive impact on global climate situation globally and locally
  • Improved overall quality of life and job satisfaction

Professionals who should attend this training course include personnel which have an influence on energy use, operation, or control. It will be beneficial for professionals with many years of experience or entering the energy market. A wide variety of aspects and systems are covered in detail, providing valuable benefit to all attendees who has influence on energy use.  

This Applying Energy Efficiency training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit: 

  • Energy Engineers
  • Energy Auditors / Assessors
  • Energy Managers
  • Energy Project Managers
  • Equipment Maintenance and Vendors
  • Energy Academia

Day One: Global Climate Trends and the Need for Energy Efficiency

  • Global climate situation and Net Zero 2050
  • Global Energy and Market Trends
  • The need for applying energy efficiency
  • Alternative generation and energy storage
  • The systems approach
  • The energy efficiency concept 

Day Two: Applying Energy Efficiency Fundamentals

  • Basics of Energy
  • Energy Conversion
  • Comparisons of fuel sources and conversion efficiencies
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Power Factor
  • Power Quality
  • Financial life cycle cost fundamentals 

Day Three: Applying Energy Efficiency in Buildings

  • Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning
  • Chillers and refrigeration
  • Building envelope and heat transfer efficiencies
  • Lighting efficiencies 

Day Four: Applying Energy Efficiency in Industry

  • Motor systems and drive efficiencies
  • Boiler and steam systems efficiencies
  • Heat exchanger efficiencies
  • Compressed air system efficiencies
  • Pump system efficiencies
  • Fan system efficiencies 

Day Five: Implementing Energy Efficiency

  • Utility metering
  • Energy investigation tools
  • Software
  • ISO 50002 energy audit methodology
  • ISO 50001:2018 Energy Management System Standard
  • Baseline adjustment determination
  • Regression analysis

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