What our Delegates Say


The course is educative and has exposed me to the new trend in power system.

John Saleh


The course was very fruitful and valuable to improve our leadership skills, in both  life and work aspects. The instructor had significant positive influence to add up lots of great insights to this course subject.

Jennifer Lewis
Sustainable Leadership


I was in a relax mood & environment. I am very much satisfied with this course. Well done Energy Training! I enjoyed every moment of this course, it was interactive in nature and we had an easy discussion.

Kevin Edwards


Todays session was an interesting and very useful introduction to the modules in production practices. Dr. George taught in a lucid, chronological and helpful way. Looking forward to tomorrow’s session.

Adegun Ademola
Global Energy Markets & Pricing


The programme has equipped me with the necessary tools to develop our interventions in the capacitation of energy markets and pricing regimes. Objectives met.

Usman S. Pindar
Global Energy Markets & Pricing


The presenter understands us and has in depth knowledge of the topic and he chose the most appropriate examples to demonstrate it.

William Johnson
Reliability and Operational Performance of Electric Power Systems


The course provided significant insight to energy contracts.

Nasiru Shehu Sidi
Understanding Energy Contracts


I really enjoyed this course, it was extremely benefiting. Moreover, we had a great instructor and an amazing teacher. To be honest, this is the best training I have ever attended.

Julie Newton
Impact of Renewable Energy Sources

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