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An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

The Future of Learning
for the Energy Industry

Developing Essential Skills in Learning & Development, Coaching, and Mentoring

Date: 12 Sep - 16 Sep 2021

Location: Dubai - UAE

Fees: $4,950

Date: 06 Mar - 10 Mar 2022

Location: Dubai - UAE

Fees: $4,950

Date: 11 Sep - 15 Sep 2022

Location: Dubai - UAE

Fees: $4,950

This exciting Energy Training Centre training course is about people in the energy sectors and through people, the industry will thrive into the next decade. However, that will require a workforce that is educated, developed, and engaged. It requires new ways of thinking and new ways of learning. Join us for five days of world-class learning and share and grow with like-minded professionals while you develop practical and career-changing skills in learning, online training, development, coaching, and mentoring.

This practical training course will enable participants to have a better practical approach to learning and fully understand how learning may change in the coming years work and how it can be developed to meet all stakeholders' needs.

This Energy Training Centre training course will highlight:

  • How learning may differ in the energy industries
  • Best-practices in learning and development
  • Meeting the needs of your new generation of workers
  • Developing innovation, creativity, and critical thinking
  • The practical steps involved in becoming a learning organisation

Course Objectives

At the end of this training course, participants will be able to: 

  • Utilise a variety of methods to improve learning and development in your organisation
  • Understanding the needs of Generation "Z" and Millennials
  • Appreciate innovation, creativity, and critical thinking
  • Describe the meaning and application of coaching and mentoring
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of learning interventions

Training methodology

Participants to this course will receive thorough training on the subjects covered by the outline with the Tutor utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Training methodology includes a range of engaging, practical exercises and activities. There will be numerous practical sessions where participants can participate and experience topics. Case studies, videos, small group work, exercises, and feedback will all be used to facilitate learning.

About this course

Organisational Impact

This highly interactive training course will assist the participants to understand the critical elements of learning.

  • A focus on a new way to think about learning
  • People committed to delivering transformational learning
  • Facilitating development for people at all levels
  • Staff who appreciate best practices in organisational learning
  • Participants will leave with transferable and deliverable skills

Personal Impact

The participants will learn practical skills applicable to their work environment and help achieve organisational goals.

  • Understand the pathway to success and engagement
  • Learn the latest methods to deliver effective learning
  • Enhanced skills in coaching and mentoring
  • Gain practical skills in a safe and constructive environment
  • Develop transferable and deliverable skills

Who Should Attend?

This training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals in the Energy Industries, but will greatly benefit: 

  • All training professionals
  • Human resource professionals and Business Partners
  • Any professional who needs to develop their skills in learning and development
  • Technical staff moving into learning, training, and development roles

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Course outline

Day One: The Future of Learning 

  • How Adults Learn: Andragogy
  • What the future may hold for learning in the Energy Sectors
  • Virtual Learning – pluses and minuses
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and Learning
  • Augmented Reality and learning 

Day Two: Understanding Innovation, Creativity & Critical Thinking 

  • What is innovation, and where does it come from
  • Introduction to Disruptive Innovation (DI)
  • Understanding the power of creativity
  • Your brain and core critical thinking skills
  • Making it work right the first time – Poka-Yoke 

Day Three: The Learning Organisation 

  • Understanding the Learning Organisation
  • Characteristics of a Learning Organisation
  • Are you ready to change?
  • Understanding the needs of Generation "Z" and Millennials
  • Courses on demand 

Day Four: The Essentials of Coaching & Mentoring 

  • Distinguishing between mentoring, coaching, and counselling
  • Motivational coaching skills for Energy Professionals
  • Essential coaching techniques
  • Objectives and benefits of mentoring
  • Types of mentorship programmes in the Energy Sector 

Day Five: Evaluating Learning 

  • The need for training to produce measurable results
  • The added value of training & development
  • Kirkpatrick's levels of evaluation
  • A simple guide for calculating a cost-benefit analysis
  • Personal action plan

The Course Options