Classroom Dates
27 Nov - 01 Dec 2023 London $5,950
15 - 19 Jul 2024 London $5,950
30 Sep - 04 Oct 2024 Lisbon $5,950
25 - 29 Nov 2024 London $5,950
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27 Nov - 01 Dec 2023 Online $3,950
25 - 29 Nov 2024 Online $3,950

The Complete Net Zero Emission training course covers the two most vital challenges for business today, carbon and sustainability. It will discuss how the different countries and government are putting policies to achieve complete net-zero emission and how different industry sector responds to this approach that has an impact upon its short, medium, and long-term direction. There are key financial risks in being inactive on these issues but also there a significant financial advantage from being a first mover.

This training course will ensure participants learn about the challenges, the risks and the financial rewards faced globally by responding to complete net-zero strategies in society today. Also, they will learn about different technologies and approached which enable this transition.

This Energy Training Centre training course will highlight the following key issues:

  • Carbon and GHG emissions
  • Net-Zero targets and strategies
  • Technological development and means to achieve true net-zero strategy
  • Carbon reduction technology, carbon emissions & climate change
  • Understand the dynamics and risks of carbon pricing, trading, taxes and certificates
  • Learn the dynamics between international, national, and local Green House Gas (GHG) emissions
  • Calculating carbon footprints, accounting practices & the rise of ESG standards

At the end of this Complete Net Zero Emission training course, the delegates will learn to:

  • Understand the link between sustainable business and carbon
  • Learn about GHGs and carbon emissions across society and the business value chain
  • Learn about carbon pricing and carbon tax
  • Analyse the energy transition from a technology perspective
  • Understand the link between climate change and rise of low-carbon technologies
  • Learn about net-zero, its development, the way we can achieve it
  • Assess net-zero role in the business value chains
  • Determine financial strategies to respond to net-zero and other new low-carbon fuels and technologies plans

This Complete Net Zero Emission training course has three main parts; teaching theory, identifying the best approach and case studies. A variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques will be utilized in this training course, from case studies, breakout sessions and group discussions.

With hydrogen and new low-carbon technology being key energy sources for development within society today, it is vital an organization prepares its employees how to respond and this Complete Net Zero Emission training course will ensure them to:

  • Develop key knowledge around energy and carbon emissions
  • Learn about the influence of the new technology that is Hydrogen
  • Understand how businesses and organizations are responding to rise of further low-carbon technologies and fuels
  • Analyse the business strategies on risk and finance for Hydrogen new low-carbon technology development
  • Staff will enjoy the module which will also enable them to become future leaders within their business or organisation

The objectives are to prepare you to:

  • Engage with international perspectives on the energy transition
  • Understand key principles around carbon emissions
  • Forecast key ways of how hydrogen will impact upon the energy sector
  • Analyse of the potential of new low-carbon technologies and fuel sources
  • Think strategically about new technology challenges
  • Learn the financial risks of different strategies for hydrogen development
  • Understand the global best-practices of carbon markets and sustainability practices

This Complete Net Zero Emission training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit: 

  • Energy professionals
  • Sustainability practitioners
  • Public sector staff from climate change, energy, environmental and finance divisions
  • Regulatory agency staff in health, environment, and energy
  • Finance professionals
  • Risk professionals
  • Emerging low carbon / Energy transition / Climate change experts

Day One: Carbon Cycle from A-Z

  • Carbon and its origin
  • Carbon is beneficial or harmful?
  • Carbon emissions
  • Sources of carbon, carbon emission and absorption
  • Carbon Footprints for materials and processes
  • Disruption in carbon cycle and our role
  • How to assist carbon cycle?

Day Two: Carbon Pricing and Carbon Tax

  • Principles of carbon pricing
  • Current status of carbon pricing
  • Different approach in carbon tax and implementation
  • Carbon market and its benefits
  • Success stories from implementation of carbon tax
  • How carbon market can be helpful?
  • Carbon market and rise of start-ups and new technologies 

Day Three: Net Zero Emission  

  • Principles of net zero and why it is important?
  • Making net zero an achievable outcome
  • Innovative strategies toward net zero
  • Moving toward net zero
  • Using circularity and technology for tangle outcomes toward net zero   

Day Four: Technological and Regulation 

  • Technologies for carbon capture
  • How technology will enable movement toward net-zero
  • Hydrogen and low-carbon fuels as drivers
  • Role of policy makers
  • Next step for creating net-zero

Day Five: Net Zero from the Eye of Different Stakeholder 

  • Policies and regulation
  • How can policy makers and government assist in achieving net zero goals?
  • Role of industry in net zero targets
  • How communities play a big role in creating net zero society?
  • How innovation, research institutes and universities are enabling net zero target achievable?


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