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Choose Smart Energy for a Better Tomorrow

The energy industry is evolving at an incredible pace and as such financial experts within the sector must be aware of the challenges facing professionals in the sector today. At Energy Training Centre we believe it is integral that financial professionals operating within the sector develop a thorough understanding of sustainable energy and renewable energy technologies and applications, alongside policies/regulations and planning.

Our Energy Training Centre training courses, workshops and programmes focus on technical and non-technical aspects of finance and cover a broad variety of issues including the financing natural resources and independent power projects (IPPs), renewable and alternative energy sources, and petroleum fiscal regimes

In addition to this, our programmes, training courses and workshops also cover ESG investing, and delve into environmental and social impact, barriers, and potential market reforms required to facilitate sustainable energy development

Energy Training Centre training courses are available year-round throughout our global hubs (Dubai & London), and can be delivered as publicin-house, and online courses.

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