Classroom Dates
11 - 22 Dec 2023 London $11,900
01 - 12 Jul 2024 London $11,900
16 - 27 Sep 2024 Amsterdam $11,900
14 - 25 Oct 2024 Dubai $11,900
16 - 27 Dec 2024 London $11,900

Become a master of health and safety leadership. This Mini MBA for HSE Professionals training course will provide you with everything you need to reap the benefits of a great safety culture. Successful leaders have a passion for improvement and are able to empower others throughout the organization to win with their safety initiatives.

Leadership is critical for excellent health and safety performance. We all know that leader’s actions and attitudes shape safety culture and a successful culture makes the safety management system work. This training course will provide you with powerful tools to enable you to define the culture you wish to create, identify what behaviours and attitudes you, as a leader, need to role model and the actions that can be taken to make a real difference.

This Energy Training Centre training course will highlight:

  • Mastering the art of leadership
  • Visible felt leadership and beyond
  • Advanced risks, threats and impacts
  • Reasons for safety management failures
  • Successful health and safety management
  • Human factors and their effect on safety culture
  • Influencing others and driving improvement
  • Safety excellence, the ultimate objective to zero

This training course is split in two modules:

MODULE I - Advanced Safety Leadership

MODULE II - Advanced Health & Safety Management

Each modules is structured and can be taken as a stand-alone training course; however, delegates with will maximise their benefits by traking Module 1 and 2 back-to-back as a 2-week training course.

At the end of this Mini MBA for HSE Professionals training course, you will learn to:  

  • Apply new leadership skills to make a real difference
  • Develop new and effective motivational and engagement techniques
  • Apply your safety and risk management leadership skills
  • Understand the importance of safety culture and human factors in sustaining a successful safety management system
  • Empower others to continuous improvement

This Mini MBA for HSE Professionals training course uses a variety of proven learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes thought provoking syndicate and individual exercises, videos and case studies.

This Mini MBA for HSE Professionals training course will provide an organization with leaders who can identify and implement the actions necessary to make a real difference. These leaders will be able to motivate others to improve both organizational and customer needs.

The organisational impact will be:

  • Providing a clearer understanding of how, why and what goes wrong
  • Improving safety systems, control and behavior
  • Implementing pragmatic solutions to improve your SMS
  • Achieving the professional development of staff
  • Reducing accidents and business losses in the workplace
  • Developing leaders better equipped to prevent or manage adverse events
  • The capacity to increase profitability

Those attending this Mini MBA for HSE Professionals training course will return to their organisation equipped with powerful tools and a renewed confidence to engage their colleagues and communicate the safety message.

The personal impact will be:

  • Learning how to be a great leader
  • Understanding how to better align safety with the business agenda
  • Learning how to motivate your workforce to join you on a journey to zero
  • Ensuring your colleagues go from “have to” to “want to”
  • Appreciating the importance of human factors
  • Understanding the benefits of a successful health and safety management system

This Mini MBA for HSE Professionals training course is ideal to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit those persons responsible for leading safety within an organisation at a global, regional or local level. In particular, this HSE training course is aimed at those seeking new concepts in the role of leaders in shaping the culture and ultimate success of their organization.

This includes:

  • All Line Managers
  • Supervisors and Team Leaders 
  • HSE Managers and Advisors
  • Human Resources Professionals
  • Any other personnel who are involved in leading and promoting the safety message
Module 1: Advanced Safety Leadership

Day One: Accident & Incident Causation Factors

  • The analysis of accidents – looking at the facts, figures & costs
  • Why do accidents still occur? - human factors, triggers and consequences
  • Conscious and unconscious influences within a safety culture
  • The Bradley Curve and four stages of mind-sets
  • The ‘New ABC Model:’ effective, behavioural and cognitive psychology
  • Understand the psychology behind human behaviour and learn how to apply pragmatic solutions to improve your SMS

Day Two: Safety Management in Major Hazard Industries

  • Major hazards and prevention
  • ISO31000 and safety excellence
  • Occupational safety, process safety and asset risk management
  • FTA and ETA
  • Bow ties
  • Emergency response plans, mutual aid, on and off site consequences
  • Inspection and auditing

Day Three: Improve Leadership and Communication Skills

  • Enhancing your leadership capabilities through increased self-awareness
  • Analyse your communication strategies and social performance
  • Communication campaigns and stakeholder engagement
  • ‘Have to’ or ‘want to’: generating real desire for safety
  • Varying leadership skills for varying scenarios

Day Four: Advanced Accident Investigation and Reporting

  • All incidents (including near misses) are thoroughly and professionally investigated by a trained and confident team
  • Role of HSE team leader and management during an investigation
  • Investigation methodology - the essential checklist & process
  • Look. Listen and learn and learn to look and listen more!
  • Report writing techniques which will ‘persuade’ and ‘empower’ actions

Day Five: Organisational & Environmental Risk, Threat & Impact

  • Latest international standards: BSI65000, BS11200, ISO31000 / 22301 / 24762
  • Understanding the impact of change or major incidents on the organisation
  • Strategic crisis and emergency management in a resilience framework
  • Strategic risk and risk behaviour
  • Identify and manage current and future threats to your business
  • Take a proactive approach to minimizing the impact of incidents
  • Keep critical functions up and running during times of change and crises
Module 2: Advanced Health & Safety Management

Day Six: Legislation for Health and Safety

  • Introduction
  • Legislation for Health and Safety
  • Legislation for High Hazard Industries
  • Process safety management (OSHA 29 CFR 1910.119)
  • The Seveso Directive (EU Directive)
  • Introduction to Safety Management Systems

Day Seven: Policy and Safety Culture

  • Setting policy and organising for health and safety
  • Control, co-operation, communication and competence
  • Safety culture and human factors
  • Safety management systems and safety culture factors
  • Essential safety management system components
  • Developing and sustaining an effective safety management system
  • The benefits of an effective safety management system

Day Eight: Planning and Implementing

  • Planning and Implementation
  • Management Arrangements
  • Risk Control Systems – Inputs, Processes, and Outputs
  • Risk Assessments
  • Work permit systems and isolations
  • Hazard Communication

Day Nine: Measuring Performance

  • Measuring the performance of stated intentions against actual delivery
  • Active Monitoring Systems
  • Reactive Monitoring Systems
  • Audits and Reviews
  • Risk Management

Day Ten: Behavioural Safety

  • Taylor, Herzberg, McGregor, and Maslow
  • ABC Analysis – Antecedents, Behaviour, and consequences
  • Natural Penalties and Consequences
  • Identifying Critical Behaviours
  • Feedback on Observations


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