Classroom Dates
20 - 24 Nov 2023 London $5,950
19 - 23 Aug 2024 London $5,950
18 - 22 Nov 2024 London $5,950

A quantum leap in electric power generation is in progress, from the conventional reliance of fossil fuels to clean and green renewable energy. This migration of technologies is associated with reducing the carbon footprint to net zero and the elimination of greenhouse gases. 

Conventional electric power generation technologies incorporate steam and gas turbines where the fuel can be crude oil, coal or gas. The hybrid method more popularly known as combine cycle power generation was the choice of many utility companies. As the energy demand and supply are not easy to match the nuclear power generation an alternative source. 

Rapid industrialization and with the spiral demand of electric power the present modes of power generation are inadequate and not ecofriendly. Implementation and optimizing the solar and wind energies are game changers with regards to providing and fulfilling the demand for electricity worldwide. Renewable energy integration to the grid can meet the demands of the consumers and reduce transmission congestion effectively. Other technologies for green energy like hydro, geothermal, biomass are gaining momentum for electric power generation. Energy storage systems are vital to ensure continuous flow of electrical energy. Last but not least will be the futuristic smart grids and microgrids for an interruption free flow of electricity to the consumers. 

This Electric Power Generation Masterclass will highlight: 

  • The need to understand carbon neutral solutions and greenhouse gases emissions
  • The concept of combine cycle power generation
  • Emergence of clean and green renewable energy
  • Other renewable energy power generation besides solar and wind
  • Renewable energy integration to the grid including energy storage systems

By the end of this Energy Training Centre training course, participants will learn to:

  • Recognize the effects of global warming and climate change
  • Explain characteristics and operations of fossil fuel electric power generation
  • Identify the optimization of solar and wind power generation
  • Understand the importance of renewable energy integration to the grid
  • Know the merits of energy storage systems

This Electric Power Generation Masterclass will ensure that participants will receive a thorough training on the subjects covered by the training course outline with the instructor utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Each training course participant will receive a copy of the comprehensive training course notes. The presenter will outline and discuss the topics using computer displays, videos and power point presentation.

The training course is designed to have an interactive format to maximize delegate participation. Questions and answers are encouraged throughout and at the daily sessions. Needs-Based case-studies and examples will be discussed in problem solving workshop sessions. This gives participants the opportunity to discuss with other delegates and the presenter their specific problems and appropriate solutions.

Upon completion of the Electric Power Generation Masterclass the organizational impact would be:

  • Comprehension of the past and present methods of electric power generation
  • Awareness of carbon footprint reduction and adverse effects of greenhouse gases
  • Upskilling into solar and wind renewable energy
  • Identification of other technologies related to clean and green energy
  • Merits of renewable energy integration and energy storage systems.
  • Openness and perception changes of workforce, as continuous follow up of new technologies knowledge-based information

On successful completion of this Electric Power Generation Masterclass delegate will be able to understand:

  • Assessment of the past and present technologies for electric power generation
  • The important aspects and merits of utilizing renewable energy such as solar and wind
  • Other technologies related to renewable energy
  • The study of renewable energy integration to the grid
  • A closer look at the various energy storage systems
  • The futuristic smart grids and microgrids

This Electric Power Generation Masterclass is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Electrical engineers
  • General technicians
  • Electrical supervisors
  • Engineering professionals
  • Management personnel

Day One: Understanding of Net Zero Carbon Emission Triggering the Shift in the Past and Present Electric Power Generation Technologies

  • Concepts of Net Zero and carbon neutral with presence of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • The conventional thermal power generating stations
  • Combine cycle power plant
  • Nuclear power stations
  • Essential equipment in electric power generation
  • Overhead and underground transmission lines

Day Two: The Way Forward with Solar and Other Renewable Energy Power Generation

  • Characteristics of rooftop solar photovoltaic cells
  • Floating photovoltaic farms
  • Solar parks and concentrated solar power generation
  • Solar photovoltaic new innovations
  • The hydropower generating station
  • Biomass and geothermal renewable energy characteristics

Day Three: The Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines Electric Power Generation

  • Construction of wind turbines
  • Wind turbine power generation capacities
  • Wind turbine configurations
  • The smart wind turbine
  • Onshore wind turbine challenges
  • Merits of offshore wind turbines

Day Four: Renewable Energy Integration and Energy Storage Systems

  • Distributed energy resources integration to the grid
  • Energy storage incorporating renewable energy integration
  • Modern trends utility scale energy storage
  • Liquid air and compressed air energy storage systems
  • On-grid, off-grid and hybrid configurations
  • Net metering

Day Five: Futuristic Electric Power Generation in Smart Grids and Microgrids incorporating AI, IoT and Digitalization

  • Attributes of smart grids
  • Characteristics of microgrids
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) components in a smart grid
  • Digital substations with IoT and smart grids
  • Future of innovative smart grids