Classroom Dates
11 - 15 Dec 2023 London $5,950
05 - 09 Aug 2024 Dubai $5,950
09 - 13 Dec 2024 London $5,950

This Machine Learning and Data Management in the Power and Energy Industry training course focuses on the energy systems of the future, the energy which is not viewed as a closed system, but as a set of interconnected systems which are using big data and artificial intelligence for sustainability and adaptability. The training course is focused on creation of energy industry ability to adapt to ever changing parameters – its resilience, and in these terms the implementation of AI is the key for the foreseeable future in terms of defining the ways we will be defining the needs of the systems, adopting to the sharp changes in energy demands and providing a stable and secure energy for present and future requirements.

The participants attending this training course will learn machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques to address bottlenecks and demand changes and unleash creativity to scale up the benefits realized across the whole enterprise. It also highlights the application of artificial intelligence to learn machines, manage uncertainty, apply neural networks, and search for solutions to problems in energy systems and operations to enable new heights of integration and cognitive development, manufacturing, and production operations.

This Energy Training Centre training course will highlight:

  • Cooperation between urban planners and energy professionals
  • Data management for energy industry
  • Use of ML for forecasts about the future performance of energy resources
  • Data Quality issues resolutions in energy systems
  • AI and machine learning for operational detection
  • Hone digital engineering and fourth industrial revolution (4IR) skills
  • Application of neural network in energy operations
  • The identification of patterns and adequate responses of the energy demands trough AI

At the end of this Machine Learning and Data Management in the Power and Energy Industry training course, you will learn to:

  • Coordinate urban planning and energy use trough ML and AI
  • Develop smart energy using AI and Data Management
  • Planning and adaptation of additional energy resources to existing systems
  • Implement smart energy planning to Power and Energy industries

This Machine Learning and Data Management in the Power and Energy Industry training course will use a plethora of proven adult learning techniques with the examples of big data, machine learning and AI for energy industry.

Organizations will significantly benefit from the collective knowledge of their employees that will understand the ways to adequately Manage Energy Data, use ML and AI tools and methods to improve the effectiveness and sustainability of the system. 

The organizations will:

  • Enhance their understanding of Energy Data Management principles
  • Learn how to properly plan incorporation of renewable energy into existing systems
  • Be able to sustain the economic viability of energy system
  • Improve the resilience of energy system to changes in energy demands
  • Adopt the best in class solutions for Data Management, ML and AI in Energy Industry
  • Use AI within energy system design and development
  • Identifying the energy requirements of the new era
  • Learning how to address energy problems trough AI
  • Understanding how to develop proper Data management system for energy industry
  • Learn how to identify energy demands
  • Apply techniques of innovation, Artificial Intelligence and pattern recognition

This Machine Learning and Data Management in the Power and Energy Industry training course is intended for professionals working with intelligent systems and operations. This is also suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Energy Development and Production Operations Engineers
  • Professionals in Command Centre
  • Compliance and Operational Excellence Officers
  • Professionals who intend to understand the applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Senior Corporate Leaders, Managers, Department Heads, and Supervisors in the Energy and Power Sector
  • Professionals working in energy and power generation, industrial plants, and refineries
  • Technologists and researchers in the arena of Artificial Intelligence and Energy

Day One: Energy System Design with the Use of AI 

  • Energy data management
  • Data management framework for energy systems
  • Working in unison with available Big Data
  • Expanding the view through the use of AI
  • AI systems in use for energy planning 

Day Two: Machine Learning and AI 

  • Pattern recognition for needs of energy
  • Smart Grids with the use of AI
  • Machine Learning techniques for energy demand
  • Establishing a structural AI system in Energy Industry
  • Complexity of energy requirements with introduction of renewable energy 

Day Three: Models in Use

  • KNN
  • SVM
  • Naïve Bayes
  • State Path Algorithm
  • OneR
  • JRip
  • Adaboost 

Day Four: Sustainable Energy 

  • Sustainability triangle
  • Microgrids
  • System Performance Parameters
  • Increasing resilience with the use of AI
  • Focus on Intelligent Modelling and Analysis 

Day Five: Smart Energy 

  • Examples of AI for smart energy
  • Intelligent Approach for Load Frequency Control
  • Power System Analysis
  • Power System Stability Analysis and Improvement
  • Issues and recommendations