Over the last decade, energy technologies have experienced rapid cost reductions and increased global capacity. In the developing world, energy provides not only an opportunity for increased economic growth, but distributed  energy systems can greatly speed up the pace for modern energy

Investments in energy sectors are driven by specific challenges affecting the national, regional and international energy markets. This sector could be a regional growth driver through multi-country projects and investors have numerous choices for investment opportunities in the energy sectors

Roadmaps, action plans and regulatory documents have been developed and strategic into more concrete measures to be implemented in the upcoming years, tailored to the specific national and regional investment priorities.

This ETC training course will explain the investments in energy sector for sound investment decisions making. 

This ETC training course will highlight:

  • Investment Project in the Energy Sector
  • Risk assessment in Energy Sector
  • Financial Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Environmental Analysis


The objectives of this ETC training course is to enrich of knowledge of analysis & planning of investment projects in the energy sector to help decision making for investment. This has five key objectives:

  • Understanding investment project in the energy sector to create plan
  • Develop Risk Assessment in Energy sector
  • Apply Financial Analysis
  • Learning about Economic Analysis
  • Apply Environmental Analysis and learning from case study

By the end of this training course, the participants will learn to:

  • Understanding investment project in the energy sector and how to create planning
  • How to develop risk assessment in energy sector
  • How to apply financial analysis
  • Understand about economic analysis
  • How to apply environmental analysis and learning from case study

Training Methodology

The participants will receive a thorough training utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques includes classroom-style with highly interactive, exercises & case studies and it will be run using PowerPoint slide and video.

Organisational Impact

The organizational impact will be demonstrated by participants in this training course:

  • Enhance knowledge about the investment project in the energy sector to create plan
  • Improve the skill and knowledge to develop risk assessment in Energy sector
  • Better understanding to apply financial analysis
  • Having better analysis in economic
  • Developing ability of environmental analysis
  • Having experience from case study to contribute decision making

Personal Impact

  • Better understanding about the investment project in the energy sector to create plan
  • Enhance the capability to develop risk assessment in Energy sector
  • Improve the skill and knowledge to apply financial analysis
  • Good perspective and ability to analysis in economic
  • More capable to develop environmental analysis
  • Being self-confidence to contribute decision making

Who Should Attend?

Analysis & Planning of Investment Projects in the Energy Sector, training course suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Individuals for intending to invest in oil and gas companies, petroleum refiners and fuel transport
  • Investor interested in such as, petroleum industry or solar
  • Senior manager will be from either oil and gas firms or from firms in related energy industries, such as pipeline companies, service and supply organizations
  • Public and private enterprises working with exploration and development of oil or gas reserves, oil and gas drilling, and refining

The Course Outline

Day One: Investment Project in the Energy Sector overview

  • What is the Challenging in Energy Sector?
  • Investment Opportunity in the Energy Sector
  • Project Identification
  • Energy Demand and Supply
  • Measurement of Projects’ Impact

Day Two: Risk Assessment in Energy Sector

  • Risk in Energy Projects
  • Valuation Risk
  • Market Risk Analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Risk Analysis

Day Three: Financial Analysis

  • Investment Cost
  • Operation & Maintenance Cost
  • Cost Of Capital: DCF
  • The Economic Life of the Project: NPV And IRR
  • Project Cash Flow

Day Four: Economic Analysis

  • Economic Opportunity Cost of Capital
  • Cost Effectiveness Analysis
  • Economic Cost of Human Resources
  • Benefits of Energy Projects
  • Economic Cost of Foreign Exchange

Day Five: Environmental Analysis 

  • Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  • Economic Valuation of Environmental Impacts
  • Environmental Integration Process
  • Environmental Management in the Energy Sector

The Certification

Certificate of Completion will be given to the participants who attend and complete the training course.

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