Enabling the Middle East’s Sustainable Energy Transition

The global energy industry has witness and participated in a drastic transformation over the last decade. Climate change, and the impact of emission intensive traditional energy sources such as oil and gas has promoted government and energy companies alike to take action and transition to cleaner sources of energy.

With growing environmental concerns, climate change and extensive energy requirements for lifeline projects and communities around the world, many emerging economies established policies on alternative energy use and set national targets for a more sustainable future as they modernise their energy sector.

In the Middle East, renewables are expected play a key role within the region’s sustainable energy transition, with the effect of this transition expected to contribute to societal and economic growth, diversification, job creation, improved balance of trade as well as bolstered water security.

This shift to renewable energy is currently taking place, with significant developments already taking place. According to research, in 2016, USD 11 billion were invested in renewables across the Arab region compared to USD 1.2 billion in 2008, or a nine-fold increase in only eight years.

Several countries in the region such as the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia are among the global frontrunners in renewable energy development. To address the impact of climate change on the environment and well-being of society, the UAE government launched the ‘UAE Energy Strategy 2050’ in early 2017 as an effort to diversify the country’s current energy sources. The initiative is in line with the UAE’s broader strategy for economic diversification and technological advancement and has resulted in considerable development within the sector.

Despite these ambitious targets, in order to realise the Middle East’s energy transition, organisations must support professional development within the energy sector to ensure employees and executive leaders alike benefit from much information and training, ensuring the success of the transition.

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