This Energy Training Centre online training course is an essential choice for any training and development professional who wants to keep up to date with the latest and vital competencies required in the rapidly changing workplace environment. But simply, you cannot afford to miss this exciting development opportunity. The role of the training professional is constantly changing. Changing to meet new demands, new technology, new challenges, and new audiences. This online training course will equip you to develop your professional skills in the core areas of training and development.

This Professional Training & Development Specialist online training course covers many essential areas of training and development including training evaluation, the development of effective objectives and the use of online learning and development. It will enable participants to not only have a better practical approach to training and development, but also to fully understand how things work and are measured and how training and development activities can be developed to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

Those participating in this online training course will:

  • Learn how to evaluate training
  • Use the latest proven techniques and models of adult learning
  • Be able to use online learning effectively
  • Understand how to write objectives effectively

This online training course will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training course is conducted Online via an Advanced Virtual Learning Platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.

This Energy Training Centre training course is suited for anyone who wants to develop their skills in training and development.

Those that would benefit the most are:

  • Training, learning & development staff
  • Training managers
  • HR professionals
  • Training budget holders
  • Succession planners and those responsible for people development
  • Experienced training, learning and development staff who want to refresh their skills
  • Anyone involved in talent management, nationalisation programmes, business partnering or on-the-job training

Training Course Outline

  • The Need for Training to Produce Measurable Results
  • The Added-Value of Training & Development
  • The Training Cycle (Analysis, Design, Develop, Conduct, Evaluate)
  • Why training needs to be evaluated
  • Kirkpatrick's Levels of Evaluation
  • A Simple Guide for Calculating a Cost-benefit Analysis
  • How Adults Learn: Andragogy
  • Why Objectives Are Essential
  • Writing Objectives using Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Learning & Development