Classroom Dates
23 - 27 Oct 2023 Paris $7,500
06 - 10 Nov 2023 Paris $7,500
13 - 17 Nov 2023 London $7,500
05 - 09 Feb 2024 London $7,500
01 - 05 Jul 2024 London $7,500
09 - 13 Sep 2024 Dubai $7,500
11 - 15 Nov 2024 London $7,500
Online Dates
13 - 17 Nov 2023 Online $3,950
05 - 09 Feb 2024 Online $3,950

Human Resources has earned its place at the top pf the organization as it is now recognized as a strategic source of competitive advantage and as a predictor of future business performance.  In order to justify this position, HR specialists need to develop a very different sets of skills and competencies. 

This 5-Day MBA in HR training course examines how to develop and master the key areas of Human Resource Management (HRM) as  HR is changing beyond recognition from the days of the old Personnel Departments.  This training course will bring you up to date on the latest techniques and approaches that are appropriate in the effective management of Human Resources.

This Energy Training Centre training course will highlight:

  • Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM) in the modern organization
  • Employee Reward and how it influences employee behavior
  • Learning & development in the 21st Century
  • Performance Management in a multi-cultural environment
  • The latest strategies for effective resourcing and recruitment

By the end of this 5-Day MBA in HR training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand Strategic HRM approaches (SHRM)
  • Describe the role and functions of the Personnel / HR Department
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of employee resourcing, recruitment & reward
  • Describe best practice in working with employees with problems
  • Understand performance management in a multi-cultural environment
  • Outline the critical importance of learning and development

Mastering Human Resource Management combines discussion of the latest developments in the field of HR research and neurolinguistics. A wide range of proven adult learning techniques will be used including real-world case studies, videos from leading experts, self-assessments, participatory discussions, and many exercises to make the course a stimulating and enriching learning experience.

Organizations will benefit tremendously when they have HR Specialists  who are using the latest ‘best practice’ techniques with a high degree of the inner competencies gained in this training course. The effective management of employees results in an engaged and motivated workforce that are productive and hence profitable for the organization. Senior Management will gain from the advice available from the HR function.

This 5-Day MBA in HR training course teaches the competencies that enable delegates will be able to:

  • Play a more strategic role in the organization
  • Understand themselves and the potential of HR more clearly
  • Advise on recruitment, retention and development of employees
  • Appreciate the importance of diversity and multiculturalism
  • Improve their ability to communicate, influence and work with others
  • Understand the importance of motivation and engagement

This 5-Day MBA in HR training course will greatly benefit all individuals who wish to understand the importance of good man management but will especially benefit: 

  • Human Resource Officers
  • Human Resource Administrators
  • Line Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Human Resource Specialists
  • Those on ‘Fast Track’ Programmes

Day One: Human Resource Management for the 21st Century

  • The Changing Face of Organizations and Functions
  • Key Impact of Changes on Human Resource Management
  • Human Resource Management (HRM) is not Personnel
  • New Roles and Responsibilities of HRM
  • Impact of Data Analytics and Predictive Analytics
  • Evolving Structures of HRM
  • Career Routes into HRM and Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

Day Two: Performance Management in a Multi‐Dimensional Organization

  • Performance Management in a Multi-Cultural Environment
  • Effective Performance Management Is Changing
  • The Role of C Suite and the Responsibilities of Line Management
  • Are Objectives and Performance Standards Always Relevant?
  • Understanding the Difference between High Potential and High Performance
  • Managing High Performers and Under-performers
  • Examining the Causes of Performance Gaps
  • The Relevance of Performance Appraisal & 360° Feedback

Day Three: Recruitment, Employee Resourcing & Reward

  • Targeted Recruitment and Selection
  • The Uses of Social Media and Mobile Recruiting
  • Need for Comprehensive Selection Tools
  • Assessment and Development Centres
  • The Psychology of Motivation
  • The Psychological Contract
  • Managing Multi-Generations in the Workplace
  • Reward Management, Remuneration and Benefits

Day Four: Workplace Conflict & Working with Employees in Difficulty

  • The Inevitability of Workplace Conflict
  • Management Interventions to Avoid Conflict
  • Using Mediation in the Workplace
  • Counseling Services & Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP)
  • Managing Employee Problems – Stress Management
  • Managing Employee Problems – Bullying and Harassment
  • Equality of Opportunity, Diversity and Discrimination

Day Five: Employee Development

  • Understanding the Importance of Learning and Development
  • Current Trends in L&D – Mentoring, Coaching and PDPs
  • Neuroscience Research and Learning
  • Identifying Learning & Development Needs and Meeting Them
  • How Corporate Social Responsibility Can Be Used For Development
  • Importance of Succession Planning and Talent Management
  • Personal Action Planning


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