Online Dates
13 - 15 Nov 2023 Online $2,950
06 - 08 May 2024 Online $2,950
11 - 13 Nov 2024 Online $2,950

The organisations' role is under increasing scrutiny with regards to the carbon footprint and sustainability of the activities. The organisations leading the way on this topic embed sustainability and energy management into their decision-making to create value, preserve natural resources, and respect the communities' interests.

There are huge opportunities both at an individual site level and across a company's enterprise, for the companies who are eager to improve upon the existing or look to develop new business opportunities that embed sustainability into their decision making and have effective energy management core.

This ETC training course sets out a framework for sustainability and energy management best practices and behaviours. The participants will be offered with guidance on devising and delivering a sustainability plan to enhance energy efficiencies in the management of water, waste, carbon emissions, and biodiversity. With the benefit of meeting consumption targets, reducing absolute emissions, and driving improvements through the organisations supply chain.

By the end of this training course, the participants will learn to:

  • Identification of the organisations most significant energy sources and emissions
  • Explore and analyse the organisations energy performance
  • Prioritise opportunities to enhance the sustainability of the organisation's operations concerning energy performance and resource efficiency
  • Building a business system and the resource requirements to maintain
  • Understand how to set SMART sustainability and energy reduction targets

This online training course will utilize a variety of proven online learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension, retention of the information presented. The training course is conducted Online via an Advanced Virtual Learning Platform in the comfort of any location of your choice.

The ETC training course is suitable for professionals working within a management or technical function for an industrial installation looking to broaden their understanding of and developing sustainability and energy management systems. Also, suitable for organisations of significant energy consumption such as process plants (oil refineries, gas processing plants, petrochemicals, fertilizer plants), utility companies, transmission and distribution companies, commercial properties (pharmaceuticals processing, cement, sugar, starch processing, etc.), metal industries (steel and aluminum mills, etc.).

This ETC training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Energy Managers
  • Technical Managers and Supervisors
  • Environmental Managers and Supervisors
  • Corporate Strategy and Business Development in the Energy Sector
  • Engineers and Technicians within Industrial functions
  • Consultants who wish to evaluate the benefits of adopting sustainability and energy management techniques

Training Course Outline

  • Sustainability, Carbon, Energy, and Operations
  • Meeting and Outperforming Regulatory Requirements
  • Defining Energy Management for the Organisation
  • Analysis and Identification
  • Efficient Use of Resources
  • Enhancing and Maintenance of Eco-Systems
  • Focus on Carbon
  • Setting SMART CO2 Intensity Targets and Reducing Absolute CO2 Emissions
  • Respecting the Interests of the Communities
  • Integrate Sustainability into Decision Making to Create Value

The Certificates

The Energy Training Centre e-Certificate will be given to the participants who attend and complete the online training course.