Classroom Dates
06 - 10 Nov 2023 Paris $5,950
20 - 24 Nov 2023 Athens $6,950
18 - 22 Nov 2024 Athens $6,950

The past few decades have seen dramatic changes in how the Human Resource profession is organized and how it aligns itself with the strategic orientation of the organization it serves. These changes have seen human resource adopt many of the practices from other functional groups like marketing, quality control and information management.

One of the key areas that has seen the greatest impact has been how the HR function is organized. This new structural model of HR helps the function balance efficiency and quality of customer service and consistency with adaptability. In order the make the new model work, HR must understand how the different parts of HR are coordinated to produce value to the organization.

The Human Resource Business Partner is the most strategic part of the HR team. They typically are experienced generalists but require a much deeper understanding of the business organization and how the HR function helps them achieve their goals.

This Strategic HR Business Partner training course will highlight:

  • The role of the HR Business Partner, skills & competencies required and HRBP Models by Thought Leaders
  • Partnering Skills to influence, gain commitment & buy-in from Business Leaders
  • Become an Internal Consultant in Action by diagnosing challenges, developing & deploying interventions, measuring impact
  • Coaching and Facilitation Skills to provide coaching and conduct effective meetings, training sessions, and feedback sessions
  • Managing change by partnering with leaders, teams, and stakeholders to create a sustainable change process
  • Manage projects, reinforce change and overcome resistance
  • Learn problem solving and negotiation skills, how to evaluating and Measuring Success

By attending this Energy Training Centre training course, you will:

  • Understand the evolution of the HR Function till date and understanding the context & role of the HR Business Partner in the 21st century
  • Learn HR Business Partner Models, learn to conduct a Gap Analysis and steps to become strategic and align the HR Business Partner role with Business
  • Develop the building blocks for becoming a Business Partner focused on developing rapport & empathy, establish & maintain trust and build credibility for themselves and the function
  • Learn how to navigate politics and influence leaders to gain commitment and Buy-in
  • Develop consulting skills for becoming an effective HR Business Partner. Learn about the different consultant roles, different consulting styles and a consulting process
  • How to become a Change Champion by managing and facilitating change as an integral part of the HR Business Partner role
  • Learn to partner with leaders, teams, and stakeholders to implement a sustainable change process
  • Learn how to leverage HR Analytics to increase the impact of the HR Business Partner role

This Strategic HR Business Partner training course will utilize a variety of methods including case studies, videos and other media as well as power point slides to communicate and deliver the course objectives.  The training course is interactive and will require participation in both small groups and with the entire audience.

Human resources will always be about people, acquiring, developing and retaining the human capital of the organization. The role that HR plays in today’s organization has become more complex. The most important of these roles involves strategically oriented activities which, in turn, require strategic competencies.

  • Participate in developing the strategic alignment and orientation
  • Develop a global, long-term and forward-thinking skill set
  • Align the HR strategy with the organization’s by preparing the organization for change and focusing on the human capital needs of the organization
  • Support other functional areas in their strategic roles by acquiring and retaining necessary talent
  • Reshape the administrative and operational roles of the HR function

The participant will enhance their own competencies as a human resource professional and be able to apply these competencies to their own organizations.

  • Earn the credibility with their business partners that will allow them to work as trusted advisors
  • Work with partners to co-create effective talent management solutions that accelerate business strategy
  • Help their HR team/partners execute on business strategies through those solutions

This Strategic HR Business Partner training course is designed for functional leaders, people leaders, and individual contributors seeking to advance their careers by elevating personal proficiencies, leading high-impact HR teams, and executing talent strategies that have a measurable impact on the business.

Some of the roles that will benefit from this training course include:

  • Senior HR Business Partner
  • HR Business Partner
  • HR Director
  • HR Generalist
  • Talent Development Director
  • People Manager
  • Talent Analyst

Day One: Strategic Planning and Management

  • Introduction to Strategic Planning
  • Business Acumen
  • Mission, vision, values
  • Different Strategies
  • Implementing and Evaluating Strategy

Day Two: Structure of the Human Resource Functions

  • The Strategic role of HR
  • Internal Stakeholders
  • The HR Organization
  • Demonstrating the Value of HR
  • Enhancing the Effectiveness of HR

Day Three: Talent Acquisition

  • Organizational Staffing Requirements
  • Job Analysis and Documentation
  • Sourcing and Recruiting Methods
  • The Selection Process
  • Onboarding and Assimilation

Day Four: Workforce Management

  • Workforce Planning and Analysis
  • Workforce Management
  • Understanding Employee Engagement
  • Assessing Employee Engagement
  • Engaging Employees from Hire to Separation
  • Measuring Effectiveness and Sustaining Improvement

Day Five: Leadership and Navigation

  • Leadership Techniques and Theories
  • People Management Techniques
  • Working within the Parameters of the Organization
  • Influencing Colleagues
  • Ethical Business Practices and Principle
  • Codes of Conduct


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