Classroom Dates
11 - 15 Dec 2023 London $5,950
13 - 17 May 2024 Dubai $5,950
05 - 09 Aug 2024 London $5,950
09 - 13 Dec 2024 London $5,950

Both public and private sector organizations need to be resilient enough to withstand pressures from today’s ever changing fast paced environment. Such pressures include increased competition and cost pressures due to globalization and the digital economy. Resilience may be achieved by supporting operational activities with tactical initiatives that are prompted from longer-term or strategic planning.  Strategic objectives help to maintain competitive advantage.

Organisation’s aim to implement business strategies that generate benefits and, in the case of organisations with a lean emphasis, value, for the business and their customers. However, if projects are managed independently, this objective is rarely achieved. Programme management offers the means to manage groups of projects with a common business purpose in an integrated and effective way. Programme management is a discipline that has its roots in the performance-based approach of project management (delivering a project to a defined schedule, budget and scope) but it also considers the strategic direction that an organisation is moving in at any given time. This course aims to teach delegates to consider this broader view and apply techniques that manage other areas such as stakeholders, communications and configuration management. Effective management of these aspects of the programme may be critical to the realization of anticipated benefits.

Highlights of the training course are:
  • The training course is developed and facilitated by a professional subject expert with extensive industrial experience and academic background
  • Course emphasis is on providing practical insights into the management of related projects.
  • Approaches taught follow the PMI® standard for Program Management®,  latest edition
  • Case study driven reinforcement exercises enable delegates to apply the theory presented in a practical manner.

The Programme Management training course helps in:

  • Appreciate overall governance concepts and the relationship between portfolios, programmes and projects Presenting standard guidelines that support management of programmes
  • Understanding the longer-term nature of programmes when compared with projects
  • Recognizing the need to continually monitor outcomes to ensure benefits are being realised.
  • Establishing the key roles engaged in programme management

This course will utilise a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. The facilitator will introduce each of the core topics using a lecture format. Presentations are supported by reinforcement exercises to emphasize the application of theory in real-world project settings. Peer learning is promoted as delegates are encouraged to discuss how techniques may apply within their own environments.

The Programme Management training course helps organisations to benefit from:

  • Added capability to establish clear project governance structures
  • Equipping employees in refining abilities for project leadership and management
  • Enabling employees to appreciate the broader view taken by programme managers
  • Awareness and understanding of a broadly accepted standard
  • Early preparation to start studying for the Program Manager Professional® (PgMP®) accreditation
  • Understand why programme managers require certain information in order to do their job
  • Appreciate the need for governance structures to support strategic initiatives

This course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Professionals who have been directly involved in project and program management
  • Professionals who are working as project managers or key project or program team members
  • Those who want to get a recognized Program Management qualification and who recognize risk management as a core part of their professional experience

DAY 1:

Governance - linking strategy to deliverables

  • The nature of projects
  • Setting up for success
  • Project management maturity 
  • Project governance structures
  • Programs and program management

Programme Integration Management

  • Programme Management Roles
  • Setting up a programme - develop the programme roadmap
  • Setting up a programme - develop the programme charter
  • The Programme Management Plan
  • Managing program benefits delivery
  • Program closure

DAY 2: Defining the Programme 1

  • Building the Programme Work Breakdown Structure
  • Creating the Programme Master Schedule
  • The Program Financial Management Plan
  • Developing the Programme budget baseline

DAY 3: Defining the Programme 2 

  • Programme Risk Management Planning
  • Programme Communications Planning
  • Programme Procurement Planning
  • Programme Quality Planning

DAY 4: Programme Benefits Delivery

  • Monitoring Programme Finances
  • Reporting Programme performance
  • Managing Programme uncertainty
  • Programme resource management

DAY 5: Programme Closure

  • Controlling programmes - governance considerations
  • Programme Transition
  • Programme Closure
  • Course Review