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An Interactive 5 - Day Training Course

Managing Your Energy
for Peak Performance

Let Your Personal Energy Dictate How You Spend Your Time Optimally

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Managing our own energy is critical to ongoing career success. Our energy levels fluctuate during the day and has an impact on performance. Participants will learn about Personal Energy Management and how it helps individuals and teams to work more efficiently in a sustainable way. The training course also goes into detail on different energy needs. It demonstrates how motivation is linked to our energy levels and how it impacts us physically and mentally.

Some people are very good in organizing and planning their schedules and time, but if our personal energy is not managed, we might not really get things done. It is important to be fully present during meetings and important conversations, but with low energy levels our brains become foggy and our bodies tired. This Energy Training Centre training course will help you to combine these two aspects to gain optimal performance, work more effectively with others and become happier! 


By the end of this training course, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand energy, how it works and how to manage it
  • Discover what energizes you personally
  • Provide insights into core energy needs
  • Determine how to become and remain energized at work
  • Develop good energy habits


This Energy Training Centre training course will utilize a variety of proven adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This includes case studies, interactive activities, exercises, instructional videos, Q&A sessions and learning from each other. The aim is to learn practical tools, tips, methodologies and frameworks and also the practical application of these theories in order to apply them immediately in the workplace.

Who Should Join?

This training course is suitable to wide range of professionals, but will greatly benefit:

  • Professionals seeking to reach a new height in their workplace performance
  • Those who want to increase their personal productivity by working smarter, faster and better
  • Those who want to create and maintain resilience and well-being as a team member or leader
  • Individuals seeking to understand themselves better and how they impact others
  • Managers, team leaders and supervisors seeking improvements in efficiency and effectiveness of their business or unit

Course Outline


  • What is the definition of personal energy?
  • What is meant by personal energy management?
  • Why is managing energy important
  • What is more important, managing energy or managing time
  • How your energy impacts others
  • How external events impact you 


  • What is meant by core energy needs?
  • Physical energy explained
  • Emotional energy explained
  • Mental energy explained
  • Spiritual energy explained
  • How are these energy needs linked? 


  • The emotional energy matrix
  • Your own unique energy sources
  • What motivates you personally?
  • How is motivation linked to energy management?
  • Analyze my lifestyle
  • Analyze my daily habits 


  • What does it mean to “listen” to your body?
  • Dangers of not managing your energy
  • Track your energy levels
  • Early signs of energy drops
  • The signs of burn-out
  • Taking care of yourself 


  • The emotional energy matrix
  • 10 Ways to become and remain energized
  • How to boost productivity
  • Tools to optimize your day
  • Be the energetic leader that delivers peak performance
  • Leading an energetic team to peak performance

The Certificates


The Energy Training Centre Certificate of Completion will be given to the participants who
attended and completed the training course.

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