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04 - 06 Dec 2023 Dubai $3,900
03 - 05 Jun 2024 Dubai $3,900
02 - 04 Dec 2024 Dubai $3,900
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02 - 04 Dec 2024 Online $2,950

Did you know that the ISO 29993:2017 is the specific quality assured standard for HR and L&D departments to certify the training / learning department as meeting international quality assurance standards?  Achieving this standard will demonstrate that your organisation Learning and Development is working to the highest quality level, raise the bar in service delivery, provide an outstanding, effective and efficient service, as well as provide a quality mechanism for external provider engagement.

The focus of this Managing Training & ROI through ISO 29993:2017 training course will be to walk you through the standards to assess your alignment of organisation learning in relation to ISO 29993:2017, in order to prepare and apply for assessment through an accredited ISO body. In addition, the participants will also learn the key factors involved in achieving ROI for your critical people development interventions. This is essential for those who are responsible for ensuring the correct engagement and quality assurance of learning in the organisation, as well as utilising mechanisms to maximize ROI.

This Energy Training Centre training course will highlight:

  • The standards required and practical implications of achieving the ISO 29993:2017 standards
  • Ensuring that proposed learning/training programmes are relevant and achieve quality assurance to support planned expenditure
  • Using ISO 29993:2017 to structure the management of the learning/training department, quality assurance, policies and procedures
  • Understanding of budget and financial planning methodologies, systems, and processes
  • Key monitoring and evaluation metrics and data analysis, and demonstrating that ROI has been achieved
  • Self-action planning to meet ISO 29993:2017 criteria

By the end of this Managing Training & ROI through ISO 29993:2017 training course, participants will be able to:

  • Utilise ISO 29993:2017 as the business quality standard to manage the department and engage external learning service providers
  • Apply techniques for identifying business learning / training needs
  • Develop and propose a business case for learning / training to meet strategic business objectives
  • Analyse evaluation methods to aid the management and measurement of investment
  • Create a self-developed Action plan for implementation of ISO 29993:2017 in preparation for assessment application

This Managing Training & ROI through ISO 29993:2017 training course will utilize a variety of adult learning techniques to ensure maximum understanding, comprehension and retention of the information presented. This will include highly interactive and engaging group and individual activities, case studies and worked examples. Delegates will be encouraged to interact and engage with the course by exploring, discussing and debating the findings and conclusions of the standards using their own work related experiences.

In attending this highly interactive Managing Training & ROI through ISO 29993:2017 training course the organisation will greatly benefit through:

  • Managing the training and development function to recognized International standards
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness in the utilization of training progranmes and external providers
  • Alignment of business strategy to organisational development framework
  • Assured quality assurance procedures to recognized international standards
  • Improved cost and budgetary improvements and ROI
  • Improved leadership and management of the training and development function

This Managing Training & ROI through ISO 29993:2017 training course will personally benefit the participants to gain or enhance their understanding and knowledge by the following: 

  • A greater understanding of the ISO 29993:2017 standards
  • A structured approach to leading and managing learning / training and development
  • Creating a robust development quality assurance procedure aligned to people development
  • Quantifiable improved cost, budgetary improvements, and justifiable ROI
  • Building business cases to satisfy organisational development spend
  • Formulate methods to improve the quality of the development in the organization

This Managing Training & ROI through ISO 29993:2017 training course is suitable for a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit those who lead and manage the development function and ROI, benefits the following: 

  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Learning and Development (L&D)
  • Training and Development
  • Organisational Development (OD)
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning

Day One: Defining ISO 29993 - Quality Assurance of L&D to Meet Business Needs

  • Strategy and Organisational Development
  • Planning for Future Skills and Competences
  • ISO Standard – Framework and Structure
  • The ISO: 29993:2017 Standard: Overview
  • Aligning Learning and Development to Business Objectives
  • Creating the Business Vase for the Training Investment
  • Evaluation – Methods and Models

Day Two: Management of the L&D Function to ISO 29993:2017 Standards

  • General Information Provision Development
  • Training Needs Analysis: Requirements and Format
  • Design of the Learning Service
  • Sponsors and Learners: Requirements
  • Service Delivery Standards 
  • Staff
  • Learning Material
  • Learning Environment
  • Facilitators: Standards, Assessment and Evaluation
  • Assessment of Learning
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of the Learning Service

Day Three: Applying ROI Process in Training

  • L&D Budget Planning and Formulation: Factors and Structure
  • ROI: Process and Methods
    • Self-Action Planning: Gap Analysis Assessment
    • Health-check to gaining the ISO 29993:2017 Standard
  • Next Steps


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