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An Interactive 5 - Day Online Training Course

Hydrogen Workshop

Moving Towards Hydrogen Economy

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Hydrogen and hydrogen economy are at the front line of discussions and debates between politicians, investors, and leading energy and manufacturing companies. With many innovations and recent developments, the production of green Hydrogen is getting cheaper every year. This shift makes Hydrogen a big player in future of our industry and economy. Now, we are at a stage where mass production of green Hydrogen is a reality, completely changing our economy and manufacturing sector. But the main question is: “Are you ready?”

This training course will discuss the different aspects of Hydrogen, from its production to its effect in next generation of the manufacturing industry. It will cover different types of hydrogen production and Hydrogen usage and discuss how we can make it sustainable economically and environmentally. The delegates will learn how to be ready for the big shift and affect businesses and the economy. Hydrogen will be one of the big players in the economy and need to be prepared for this shift now, and it will create the foundation so that the delegates can be prepared for the shift.


By the end of this training course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand different aspects of Hydrogen from production to its usage
  • Analyse the necessary needs for taking a new hydrogen project
  • Implement innovative solutions in hydrogen projects 
  • Enable the company to win the edge over competitors based on a deep understanding of the hydrogen industry 
  • Analyse and plan any required change to be aligned with this shift 


The participants on this training course will receive thorough training utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques includes online presentation and media, discussion, problem-solving and group activities.

Organisational Benefits

Organisations can benefit tremendously by sending their employees to this training. Some of these benefits are summarised here, but it is not limited to:

  • Enable innovative thinking mindset in a practical and fun training 
  • Practising teamwork and enabling this skill while working on practical challenges 
  • Equip employees with UpToDate and valuable tools and knowledge that they can use in any project and scenario 
  • Having access to a dynamic group of innovators that can solve solutions easier and cheaper
  • Reducing the cost associated with shifting toward hydrogen economy by understanding the need and planning accordingly 

Personal Benefits

Employees benefits are massive, like the following: 

  • Learning a new skill that enables massive career growth 
  • Learning a new set of skills in Hydrogen and be ready for the next big shift 
  • Understanding a skill that is in high demand and will stay in high order in the next couple of decades 
  • Finding the niche expertise that enables different leading projects in this area 
  • Learning the skill and knowledge to leading the company shift toward a hydrogen economy 
  • Being part of a great network of professionals in this area for future collaboration 

Who Should Join?

Hydrogen industry is growing everyday and now is the time to take advantage of this shift. Anybody who has the plan to work in this area or has the courage to lead their company in this shift need to attend this training course.

Course Outline


  • Hydrogen and its principle 
  • Different types of Hydrogen 
  • Hydrogen production pathways 
  • Why Hydrogen and its benefits? 
  • Why do we need the shift toward Hydrogen?
  • Why is Hydrogen the next big thing? 


  • Why now?
  • These developments changed the hydrogen concept
  • Limitations in Hydrogen economy
  • What has created the shift?
  • What is the next step?


  • Definition of the hydrogen economy and what is the big shift
  • In which areas the shift is happening?
  • Required tools and techniques to be ready for this shift 
  • The true cost associated with change and how we can reduce it
  • How can we be ready? 


  • What is the focus point? 
  • Can we look at hydrogen production and usage differently?
  • Does hydrogen production and usage are two different steps?
  • Innovations in this area 
  • Areas with the limited player and significant opportunities 


  • What have they done differently?
  • Lessons and can we replicate that?
  • Principles for a successful shift
  • Should we change our processes?
  • Are we ready?

The Certificates


The Energy Training Centre Certificate of Completion will be given to the participants who
attended and completed the training course.

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