Classroom Dates
29 Jan - 02 Feb 2024 London $5,950
10 - 14 Jun 2024 London $5,950
12 - 16 Aug 2024 New York $6,950
02 - 06 Sep 2024 Dubai $5,950
30 Sep - 04 Oct 2024 Amsterdam $5,950
18 - 22 Nov 2024 London $5,950

To be relevant, HR needs to demonstrate that it makes a contribution at all levels. This involves ensuring that the management team is supported in their attempts to manage. At the same time HR has to ensure that employees are motivated, supported and developed. This can only be done through the management team.

The out of date approach says that HR is visible and controlling, requiring the rest of the organisation to follow policies developed within the HR function. The up to date approach is that HR facilitates and supports assisting the management team in efforts to improve productivity and commitment. HR is at the centre of change but change is handled by and through the management team. In this way, change is more effective and longer lasting.

However, this approach requires a new type of HR function with new practices and a series of new skills within the HR team. This Human Resources Development & Personnel Management training courses will give you the confidence to develop a new sort of HR function; show you a new approach and help you with learning the new practices and skills.

This Energy Training Centre training course will highlight:

  • Ideas for developing an HR strategy which relates to socio-economic trends
  • Ways of improving employee motivation
  • Methods for developing employees and improving contribution
  • Ideas for reforming the relationship between HR and the rest of the organisation
  • Getting the best out of the use of competencies

At the end of this Human Resources Development & Personnel Management training course, you will learn to:

  • Understand the history and development of HR and Personnel Management practices
  • Maximise the benefits from effective human resource management
  • Apply the key HR and HRD strategies for improving organisational success
  • Work effectively with the line management team
  • Develop a response to the key issues surrounding HR e.g., career development, effective succession planning, making a success of performance management, etc.

The training course methodology used is designed to encourage maximum participation by all delegates. The presenter will suggest ideas and theories to the delegates and then encourage them to test out the ideas by the use of discussion, small group work, exercises and feedback. Each day of the training course will end by delegates completing their own record of what has been learned on the day and considering how the ideas might be transferred back to the workplace.

The purpose of this Human Resources Development & Personnel Management training course from an organisations point of view is to constructively challenge to the organisation’s approach to Human Resource Development and Personnel Management. As a result, an organisation which applies these ideas will experience:

  • Lower staff turnover
  • More effectiveness in selection and assessment
  • Greater motivation
  • More commitment from the workforce
  • More effective identification and development of poor performers
  • Better value for money from the Human Resource function

As a result of attending this Human Resources Development & Personnel Management training course, delegates will be equipped to develop effective people management practices. They will:

  • Know how to critically evaluate current HR practices
  • Be able to introduce an effective recruitment process
  • Understand how to get people to work more effectively
  • Understand how to help individuals and teams learn
  • Be able to identify, plan and evaluate training interventions
  • Know how to create an effective structure within HR

This Human Resources Development & Personnel Management training course is designed for:

  • HR practitioners and line-professionals with development or personnel responsibilities
  • People in HR, Personnel or Training and Development role
  • Professionals with an interest in people management and development would also benefit

Day One: Introduction to HRM, HRD and HRP

  • The Context for HR
  • Change Management
  • Human Resource Management vs. Personnel Management
  • Human Resource Development (HRD)
  • Human Resource Planning (HRP)
  • Strategic HRM – The New HR Strategic Model
  • Outsourcing

Day Two: Resourcing & Recruitment

  • The Employment Psychological Contract
  • Why do good people leave?
  • The Process Approach to Interviewing
  • Induction, Job Descriptions and References
  • Personality Questionnaires and Forms of Testing
  • Methods of Detecting When Applicants Don’t Tell The Truth
  • The New Recruitment Process to Avoid Litigation
  • Understanding Competencies and Competency based Assessment

Day Three: Pay & Employee Reward

  • Employee Motivation
  • Salary, Bonuses & Benefits
  • Competency and Performance Based Pay
  • Different Structures – Different pay and rewards
  • Total Pay Concept
  • Salary Surveys

Day Four: Training Learning & Development

  • Career Management
  • Personal Development
  • Coaching
  • Mentoring
  • E-learning
  • How Flat Organisational Structures and Empowered Teams Affect Training and Development
  • Self Development
  • 360° Feedback as a Development Tool

Day Five: Value for Money from HR

  • The New HR Structure
  • New Roles within HR
  • HR Business Partners
  • Value of Trend Analysis and HRP
  • Internal and External Frameworks
  • Proving ROI on HR Activities


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