Classroom Dates
13 - 17 May 2024 Amsterdam $5,950
26 - 30 Aug 2024 London $5,950
07 - 11 Oct 2024 Barcelona $5,950
23 - 27 Dec 2024 London $5,950

This Advanced Governance, Risk and Compliance training course will explain Corporate Governance and its main tools of Compliance, Internal Audit and Risk Management together with its benefits, barriers, and proper implementation.

Good governance does not only build trust but also improve organizations performance and contributes to social and environmental integrity by providing organizations the tools they need to govern well, enabling them to perform effectively while behaving ethically and responsibly.

This Enejrgy Training Centre training course will highlight:

  • Realize relationship among Risk Management, Internal Audit and Compliance
  • Understand fundamental concepts of Corporate Governance, its principles and content elements to help your organization become a Principled Performer
  • Comprehend the key components of a governance framework and consider the governance requirements based on key organizational value drivers
  • Enhance convergence of Corporate Governance components
  • Understand risk assessment, assimilate risk taxonomies and its classification
  • Implement the Compliance New Approach; Risk-based Compliance as well as the Internal Audit New Approach: Risk-based Approach

At the end of this Advanced Governance, Risk and Compliance training course, you will learn to:

  • Align your GRC structures perfectly well
  • Improve risk management function and expanding compliance function
  • Assist in formulating governance committees
  • Learn GRC fundamentals, rules and principles
  • Integrate and align corporate governance through adopting effective methods
  • Assimilate how to provide assurance on GRC activities.

A variety of training methods to reach the participants will be applied in a diverse manner. A number of methods will include brainstorming, lecturing, exercises, group discussion and sharing experiences. Case studies and short assessment shall be conducted during this training course. This training course is built on presentations by the instructor and the participants and includes exercises and case studies to be discussed during the training sessions.

This training course gives you up-to-date perceptions into the domain of corporate governance, risk management, audit, and compliance, especially for those who are looking to become executives in their organizations very soon.

By the end of this Advanced Governance, Risk & Compliance training course, the organization will have the following benefits:

  • Understand Key Principles of Good Governance, Benefits & Barriers
  • The best strategies for building high-quality governance framework
  • The role of the board of directors and your role within it
  • The Risk management, Compliance & Internal Audit Departments’ Triangle
  • Managing governance function within different business contexts – listed, private, state-owned, family-owned businesses

Upon the completion of this Advanced Governance, Risk & Compliance training course, participants will gain:

  • Enhanced knowledge of convergence CG components
  • Improved alignment to mission, vision and values of the organization
  • Improved governance performance and accountability
  • Increased decision-making agility
  • Improved confidence in managerial competences

This training has been researched and developed for professionals who are involved in the different aspects of corporate governance in the technical and non-technical departments in every functional area of responsibility in all industries.

This Advanced Governance, Risk & Compliance training course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit:

  • Directors, Managers and Superintendents within governance activities
  • Board Members and Strategic Planners
  • Legal Counsels, Corporate Legal Advisors and Corporate Secretaries
  • Risk Managers, Compliance Managers and Internal Audit Managers
  • Financial Controllers, Chief Accountants & Managers involved in driving GRC business

Day One: Corporate Governance and its Tools: Risk Management, Compliance & Internal Audit

  • Corporate governance; definition, concept, rules, principles
  • What are the barriers and obstacles to actually enforce it?
  • How to implement corporate governance in reality?
  • Board’s committees; roles and responsibilities
  • Identifying the audit committee role and responsibilities
  • Risk management, compliance & internal audit overlapping & how to overcome it?
  • Cooperation & collaboration among this triangle functions
  • Main thoughts to improve corporate governance

Day Two: Risk Management; All You Need To Know About It

  • Risk management fundamental concepts, universe & principles
  • Risk management framework; policies, methodologies and infrastructure
  • Risk management limitations with traditional approaches to risk management
  • Key performance indicators (KPI) vs. Key risk indicators (KRI)
  • What is a risk register & how to create one?
  • Business continuity planning vs. Disaster recovery plan
  • Risk control self-assessment (RCSA)
  • Role & responsibilities of the risk champions

Day Three: Identifying Different Categories of Organizational Risks in your Organization

  • Financial risk / credit risk / liquidity risk                               
  • Operational risk
  • Non-compliance risk
  • Systematic risk vs. Systemic risk
  • Political risk / sovereign risk / country risk
  • Strategic risk / legal risk / reputational risk
  • Fraud risk / ethical behavior risk / criminal behavior risk
  • ESG, digital, cyber, and technology risks

Day Four: Risk-Based Compliance & Risk-Based Internal Audit

  • Compliance new approach; risk-based compliance
  • Role, duty, objective and responsibility of a compliance officer
  • What is the specific profile for a compliance officer?
  • Money laundering threats and methods & terrorist financing threats and methods
  • What is risk-based internal auditing? How & why audit units move into risk based audit
  • The transition from system-based to risk-based internal auditing
  • Risk-based audit approach and risk-based audit methodology
  • Auditing the control environment

Day Five: Role of The Board Towards Strengthening & Augmenting Governance Process

  • Role of the board
  • Business plan vs. Strategic plan
  • Strategic planning and strategic management
  • Risks in focus 2023 and how organizations can tackle
  • Controlling fraud; the fraud triangle and the fraud diamond
  • Auditing corporate governance
  • OMBUDS process (whistleblowing)
  • Business and financial lessons learnt during COVID-19


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