Classroom Dates
11 - 22 Dec 2023 London $11,900
09 - 20 Dec 2024 London $11,900
Module I: Programme Management


Governance - linking strategy to deliverables

  • The nature of projects
  • Setting up for success
  • Project management maturity 
  • Project governance structures
  • Programs and program management

Programme Integration Management

  • Programme Management Roles
  • Setting up a programme - develop the programme roadmap
  • Setting up a programme - develop the programme charter
  • The Programme Management Plan
  • Managing program benefits delivery
  • Program closure

DAY 2: Defining the Programme 1

  • Building the Programme Work Breakdown Structure
  • Creating the Programme Master Schedule
  • The Program Financial Management Plan
  • Developing the Programme budget baseline

DAY 3: Defining the Programme 2 

  • Programme Risk Management Planning
  • Programme Communications Planning
  • Programme Procurement Planning
  • Programme Quality Planning

DAY 4: Programme Benefits Delivery

  • Monitoring Programme Finances
  • Reporting Programme performance
  • Managing Programme uncertainty
  • Programme resource management

DAY 5: Programme Closure

  • Controlling programmes - governance considerations
  • Programme Transition
  • Programme Closure
  • Course Review
Module II: Stakeholder Management

DAY 6: First Principles, Identifying and Defining Stakeholder Audiences 

  • Overview of stakeholder engagement and management
  • The stakeholder engagement process and key documents
  • Identifying stakeholders
  • Producing the stakeholder register
  • Creating and analyzing stakeholder profiles
  • Assessing interests, positive and negative
  • Analyzing the gap between current stakeholder and required perceptions
  • Selecting a suitable stakeholder management strategy

DAY 7: Planning Stakeholder Communications and Measuring Effectiveness 

  • Planning stakeholder engagement communications
  • Identifying and delivering the key messages
  • Creating stakeholder communications
  • Planning and managing stakeholder meetings
  • Dealing with stakeholder objections
  • Escalating stakeholder issues for resolution by senior management

DAY 8: Interpersonal Skills in Stakeholder Management 

  • Empathy and how it can assist in managing stakeholder relationships
  • Trust – the foundation of on which relationships are built
  • Influencing, persuading and manipulating – why they are different and the impact they have
  • Personality factors affecting stakeholder management (including feedback on a personality type questionnaire, to be taken in class)
  • Behaviors, their relationship to personality and how to read them
  • Influencing without authority – how to do it
  • Emotional intelligence, what it involves and benefits

DAY 9: Negotiating for Success  

  • The negotiating environment and backdrop
  • Reservation points, zones of potential agreement and best alternatives to a negotiated agreement
  • Differences between ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ negotiation techniques and why they are important
  • Principled negotiation, hardball tactics and important choices
  • Negotiation protocols and processes
  • Negotiation tools and techniques
  • Managing a negotiation

DAY 10: How Culture Affects Stakeholder Engagement and Management 

  • What do we mean by culture?
  • National culture
  • Regional culture
  • Organizational culture
  • Business unit or division culture
  • Communicating to different cultures
  • Negotiating with different cultures
  • Review of course/presentation of certificates