Training Courses for
Manufacturing & Production Industry

As an energy intensive industry, manufacturing and production companies have traditionally relied on petrochemicals to operate and have been significant contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.

However, due to international concerns about climate change and resource scarcity, the sector is facing a growing challenge of minimizing its environmental footprint whilst meeting its customers and stakeholders’ requirements.

At the Energy Training Centre, we are aware of our customers changing needs, and understand that they need to adopt and implement more efficient processes to reduce their environmental concerns, including green-house gas emissions, resource stewardship and energy efficiency in resource scarce locations.

Our Energy Training Centre courses, programs and workshops provide those in the manufacturing and production sector with in-depth training that covers a wide spectrum of subjects across the entire manufacturing and production value chain.

Energy Training Centre training courses are available year-round throughout our global hubs (Dubai & London), and can be delivered as publicin-house, and online courses.

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