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We at ETC provide industry leading courses to the conventional energy industry (oil, gas etc.) who may need effective strategies and systems to reduce their carbon footprint / emissions; or who may be making a larger scale transition into the renewable energy market.

Course List
5-Day Mini MBA in Power, Electricity and Industry Infrastructure
Advanced Energy Economics
Advanced Energy Efficiency and the Use of Artificial Intelligence in the Industrial and Energy Sectors
Advanced Energy Finance Analytics
Analysis & Planning of Investment Projects in the Energy Sector
Best Practices in Revenue Protection
Better Energy Management with Transition Engineering
Certificate in World Class Business Sustainability
Certified Training & Development Specialist
Clean Energy Opportunities & Risk Analysis
Digital Energy and Optimization
Developing Strategic Partnerships, Joint Ventures and Consortia
Dispute Management & Avoidance in the Energy Sector
Economic Dispatch & Grid Stability Constraints in Power System
Effective Corporate Communication for the Oil and Gas Industries
Effective Financial Modelling in the Power Industry
Electrical Power Systems for Non-Engineers
Electricity Asset Management: Evaluation, Monitoring and Maintenance
Electricity Storage Markets
Energy and Climate Change
Energy and Sustainability Mini MBA
Energy Benchmarking and Performance Indicators
Energy Isolation: Standards, Techniques and Best Practices
Energy Optimisation of Oil Refineries
Energy Planning & Sustainable Development
Energy Transition and Innovation
Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) Contracts for Energy Industry
Environment Monitoring in the Energy Sector
Environmental Impact Assessment of Energy Projects
Evaluating, Structuring and Financing Power Projects
Financial Management of Energy Projects
Financial Skills for the Energy Industry
Financing of Energy Projects
Foundations of Energy Finance
Fundamentals of Wind Energy
Gas & LNG Markets, Pricing & Contracts
Global Energy Markets & Pricing
Grip on Maintenance
High Voltage Energy Isolation
Impact of Renewable Energy Sources
Innovations: Blockchain for Energy Management
International Gas Business and Cooperation
Investment Analysis & Energy Project Management
ISO 50001: Energy Management Systems
LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Training
Logistics & Supply Chain Management in the Energy Sector
Mastering Energy Storage
Mastering Renewable & Alternative Energies
Mini MBA: Oil & Gas and Energy Management
Modern Electrical Power Systems
Negotiating and Managing PPP Contracts
Oil Refinery Cost Management
Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation of Energy Projects
Power Distribution Equipment
Power Purchase Agreement from Commercial & Legal Perspective
Power Quality and Reliability
Power System Analysis
Power System Harmonics Analysis, Mitigation and Solution Strategies
Power System Protection
Process Plant Optimisation & Energy Conservation
Processes and Tools for Supply Chain Success
Profit, Cash Flow, Planning & Investment in the Energy Industry
Project Appraisal and Risk Management
Project Appraisal: Financial and Economic Factors
Project Appraisal: Identification, Policy Analysis & Selection
Project Risk Analysis & Management
Public Private Partnership (PPP) Financing, Projects & Contracts
Public Relations in the Oil and Gas Industry
Reliability & Operational Performance of Electric Power Systems
Renewable Energy Including Ethanol Production
Renewable Energy Integration
Renewable Energy Sustainability
Smart Digital Transformers for Transmission and Distribution
Smart Grid for Non-Engineers
Strategic Procurement Management in the Energy Sector
Sustainability, Energy and Change
Sustainable Energy Management
Sustainable Energy System Management (SESyM)
Sustainable Gas Supply & Demand
Sustainable Leadership
The Leadership of Inclusion
The Renewable Energy Mini-MBA
Understanding Energy Contracts
Understanding Financing,Risk & Decision-Making for Energy Industry Professionals
Understanding the Fundamentals of Renewable Energy Financing & Modelling
Utility Distribution System Planning
Water Industry Fundamentals

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