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An Intensive 5-Day Training Course

Advancing Women's Leadership Skills
in the Energy Industry

Empowering Women Leaders

Date: 23 May - 27 May 2021

Location: Dubai - UAE

Fees: $4,950

Date: 24 Oct - 28 Oct 2021

Location: Dubai - UAE

Fees: $4,950

Across the world, including in the energy sector, women leaders remain in the minority. This training course looks in depth at the role women currently play in the energy sector and what is needed to create more balanced organisations in future. The industry is undergoing a major transition and greater diversity of leaders will enable a more robust future.

Research has shown that diverse management teams deliver better results. In this training course we explore the challenges and the benefits of increasing the gender balance in middle and senior management. Do women manage crises better?  When will women be accepted in the same way as men?

This Energy Training Centre course will highlight:

  • The existing situation for women in the energy sector
  • How men’s and women’s leadership styles differ
  • The challenges and benefits of a more equal gender balance at senior levels
  • Cultural influences on diversity of leadership teams
  • Development of women’s key leadership qualities

Course Objectives

By the end of this training course, participants will learn to:

  • Recognise the benefits and challenges of greater equality for women leaders
  • How to become a self-aware leader
  • Enhance key leadership skills
  • Understand the impact of gender diversity on organisational performance
  • Create important networks and processes to support potential women leaders

Training methodology

Participants to this training course will receive a thorough training on the subjects covered by the outline with the Tutor utilising a variety of proven adult learning teaching and facilitation techniques. Training  methodology includes a mixture of speaker input, facilitated discussions, syndicate work and practical exercises, with an emphasis on always involving delegates. The learning tools include video case studies, team problem solving and analysis tools to uncover core strengths and develop new ideas.

About this course

Organisational Impact

What does the organization gain in sending their employees to attend this particular session? What is the knowledge and set of skills that the participants gain and henceforth apply in their workplace that will impact their respective companies? Kindly write these down in 6 (one-line) bullet points after a one-line sentence introduction.

The benefits for organisations with diverse teams have been well researched and include:

  • Less chance of group-think
  • Managers less prone to overconfidence
  • Improved decision-making
  • Enhances organisational culture
  • Better risk management
  • Greater openness to challenge

Personal Impact

Individuals attending the course will gain from a wider perspective on diversity within the energy sector and personally from:

  • Greater self-awareness
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Recognising the importance of networks
  • Building a personal brand to enable career progress
  • Developing leadership skills: motivation, communication, delegation
  • Managing expectations of peers, family and managers

Who Should Attend?

This Energy Training Centre course is suitable to a wide range of professionals but will greatly benefit men and women who recognise the importance of gender balanced leadership teams. They will be keen to identify potential women leaders and support their development. 

  • Senior women wanting personal development
  • Women in middle management seeking promotion
  • Men in leadership positions wanting to encourage more women leaders
  • HR professionals wanting to support gender diversity
  • Other professionals who recognise the importance of having more women in senior positions

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Course outline

Day One: Women in the Energy Sector 

  • Current trends in the energy sector
  • Women in energy industry, global position
  • Profiles of women in the global energy industry
  • Women’s participation in different sectors
  • Women leaders in energy transitions 

Day Two: Qualities of Women Leaders 

  • Overview of leadership frameworks and styles
  • Comparison of men’s and women’s leadership styles
  • Strategic leadership
  • Supporting innovation
  • Effective decision-making 

Day Three: Challenges and Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace 

  • Becoming a self-aware leader
  • Why the drive for gender diversity?
  • Culture and leadership
  • The impact of crises on women’s leadership
  • When can female leaders stop being superstars?
  • The ROI of diverse leadership teams 

Day Four: How to Encourage Workplace Change 

  • The challenges facing women in the workplace
  • Societal and organisational cultural factors
  • Building a gender equal management pipeline
  • Overcoming stereotypes
  • Impact of COVID-19 and workplace changes 

Day Five: Review and Personal Action Planning 

  • Do glass ceilings still exist?
  • What men can do to support women’s equality
  • Organisational policy and practice
  • What will I do differently?
  • Personal Action Planning

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