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We at ETC are committed to provide innovative and inspiring development to support the ever-growing global transition to clean energy production.

To do this we provide industry leading courses to the conventional energy industry (oil, gas etc.) who may need effective strategies and systems to reduce their carbon footprint / emissions; or who may be making a larger scale transition into the renewable energy market.

For those organisations who are growing or are fully established in the renewable energy sector we provide development to further their knowledge and skills with leading-edge training solutions, designed to improve technical, functional, operational and leadership efficiency

Regardless of where you are in the renewable sector, from novice to major player – our aim is to provide ‘future-proof’ development to help you lead in sustainable, energy efficiency.

All of our courses are developed and delivered by leading experts in their field of expertise within the renewable energy sector.  Our Trainers are chosen, not just for their high-level academic and industry related backgrounds, but also for their inspiring, innovative and thought-provoking delivery.  Providing you with the best, leading-edge development and practical tools in the industry sector.

Whether you are transitioning into sustainable, renewable energy – or – are an established organisation in this area – we pride ourselves on providing world-class leading developing in the Renewable Energy sector.

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